We are in it. Can you feel it? This is the thick of the holidays people. Speaking of thick…how you feeling this week? Thanksgiving is easily my favorite holiday, but Thanksgiving + 3 days leftovers usually results in my “thickest” Monday feelings of the year.  So let’s get to work! We want to enter the month of cocktail dresses feeling our finest, so the PN crew is ready to clean-it-up with a 7 day detox challenge + 7 all new PN recipes. You ready to hop on board?

What’s it entail? A simple to follow protocol that you can tweak to meet your needs – because remember, what works for one doesn’t work for everyone. With that said, we think this plant centered, clean eating, 7 day plan can make you feel bright eyed and light in your loafers. So kicking off today, tomorrow or whenever you’re ready – dive into 7 days following the protocol below, and using the 7 recipes in this blog as inspiration.

Use this protocol as a base for what you eat this week.You’ll notice that we’re not going entirely grain-free or animal protein free. Why? We think you can get a powerful detox with the presence of both, but leaning not too heavy on either. Here’s the general rules of thumb that we encourage you to follow for the 7 days:

  • Enjoy whole grains but only once daily. So if you’re having an oat bowl for breakfast, go grain-free for the rest of the day, or if you have a brown rice at night, avoid grains during the day.
  • Enjoy seafood or lean poultry/meat, but at only one meal per day. Get protein during the rest of the day from peas, whole grains, legumes, fermented soy (tempeh),dark leafy greens, nuts, seeds and eggs.
  • Where’s the maple syrup, honey, natural sweeteners? The real challenge: we’re encouraging you to go totally sugar-free. So even though we think natural sweeteners are a-ok in real life, this is a detox, so push yourself to pass on honey, maple syrup, etc. Fresh fruit and unsweetened dried fruit (in moderation) is ok!

To kick the detox up a notch:

  • Focus one meal a day on a vegan soup. Soup is so easy for the body to digest and to assimilate nutrients.
  • Drink a large glass of water with the juice of one fresh lemon daily, first thing in the morning. This will kick start your digestion, detox your liver and give you glowing skin.
  • Get one hour of movement in daily – we suggest walking, yoga, pilates or something gentle while you’re treating yourself gentle.
  • Drink turmeric tea every night. This highly anti-inflammatory tea will be like a hug for your insides.