Holiday Disaster Prevention

Preventing total disasters before they start.

It’s time to tackle the holidays together.  Each year do you set out with the intention to come out of the holidays in one piece? Do you vow that your ‘loose’ pants will not become your post New Year uniform?  Do you say “I won’t even need a New Years resolution?” Do you promise to keep you and your health a priority? But then…the wheels start to fall off and cookies, candies, cakes and soda become an acceptable breakfast? Hey, it happens.

At PN we aren’t going to let that happen.  No way.  This year we are rolling out the Holiday Disaster Prevention Program.

What’s it all about? Preventing holiday disasters before they start.  We’re helping you navigate the holidays so you can come out on top. We want you to feel excited for those parties and ready to rock that outfit you’ve been secretly planning since July. We want you to look back and smile at the 2014 season.  Hey, maybe you even snicker.  You won.  You beat the holidays because we did them together.

We have a November and a December program.  Choose one or both.  Seven days where we fill you up with good and seasonal food, help you maneuver your way around holiday parties, clue you in on how to get that winter ‘glow’, nip hangovers in the bud, oh and a few little fashion tips, because hey, we like clothes too. Be confident going into the holidays armed with the knowledge of how to have fun, celebrate and not feel totally out of control. Look out 2015, we’re coming for you.

November Registration closed

December 8th – 14th

December Register Here