Ditch the Inches, Intelligently.

Reset:14 – It’s like hitting the reset button on your health.  The opportunity to feel your very best, and most importantly, learning how to do it whenever you need – on your own. We dive into nutrition education, delicious recipes, direct support all while surrounded by a community of like-minded people all working for towards the same goal: long term health. If you think it’s time to reclaim yourself (think pants fitting better, increased energy, better sleep, balanced moods and more) it probably is! The precise reason we created Reset:14 is so you have an opportunity to see what great really feels like. We took the highlights of our previous programs, biggest ‘wins’ among members and participant feedback to bring you our updated and improved foundational program.

Reset: 14 is going to be more than any cleanse, boot camp or diet could be on its own. We took our foundation program and we sent it to PN research and development. It has more structure – something we’re all looking for on the journey to better health.

We’re diving in together as we kick off the 14 days with our tried and true effective PN protocol that eliminates all trigger foods – a wonderful clean-up. Junk foods out, whole foods in.  Mid-way through we take it  a step further  as we implement a modified diet, grain-free style diet, when you can expect to see some great results. We do our final push with a gentle detox where we truly give our bodies the break they’ve been kicking and screaming for  (and don’t worry this is NOT a juice cleanse;). Finally, we round it out with a moving forward segment – because we wouldn’t be doing our jobs if we let you polish all your hard work off with a pint of ice cream, right?  No, we definitely won’t leave you hanging.  Like we promised, this is going to be a true ‘reset.’


During Reset:14 expect the best

  • Time to clear out the clutter and understand how food has the ability to make you feel your very best.
  • Enjoy 3 interactive modules with recipes and protocol packets, including meal planning support.
  • Be guided through a smart and gentle detox (don’t worry, it’s not a juice cleanse:)
  • Be motivated by an efficient exercise program designed for burning fat that we promise anyone can do!
  • Our guidance on the most effective superfoods and supplements.
  • And… No Prescribe Nutrition program is without our continuously manned discussion boards where Nutritionist – Katie & Megan, and house Mom and Family expert – Anna will answer to any and all of your questions, comments and thoughts!


Next round of Reset:14 – June 9th – June 22nd
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