How it works

Feel Better

Uncover food sensitivities, gain control over chronic issues and use this knowledge for every day results.

Stay Organized

Engaging content and mouth watering recipes keep you on track for the long haul.

Plan for Anything

Understand how to navigate real-life situations: eating on-the-go, parties, travel and more. It’s nutrition for real life.

Real Support

On-demand access to nutritionists and an online community of thousands on the same journey.

Ditch The Diet

We’ve tried our fair share of restricted diets, cleanses and fasts for the sake of “getting healthy.” So trust us, we get it. But all of these approaches felt very unhealthy to us.

Over the years, we’ve figured out a way of eating that makes us feel truly healthy. We’ve removed labels and judgment and added personal preferences. We’ve gotten rid of food rules and learned to tune into what we really felt good eating.Meet Prescribe 20 and prepare to feel like the best version of yourself.

What is included?

Personal Login/ Profile

Access your personalized meal plans, recipes, and program materials all in one spot.

Customizable Meal Plans w/ Printable Grocery Lists

Say good-bye to strict one-size-fits-all meal plans. Access over 200 recipes to fit your lifestyle

Practical Tips and Step-by-Step Guidance

We’ll walk with you every step of the way with videos, cheat sheets and check-ins so you never feel alone or confused.

Community Support

The encouragement and support from your peers, nutritionists, and health coaches are the cherry on top of your P20 sundae.

Unlimited Access to Certified Nutritionists and Coaches

Join our live group coaching sessions to have your questions answered and help you move through blocks or obstacles so you never feel stuck.

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A Taste Of What's To Come

We've got over 200 amazing recipes for you.

Week by Week Snapshot


We’ll show you around your newly designed portal and let you drool over our 200+ recipes.

Week 1

You’ll be stoked to learn you never need to count calories again! You read that right - no more calorie counting! Instead, you’ll learn how to choose foods that are minimally processed and full of nutrients to keep your body happy and healthy. We’ll also teach you how to combine foods that are good sources of carbohydrates, protein, and fat so you’ll feel satisfied and energized every single day. We are so not about starvation or restriction!

Week 2

Now that you have the healthy eating basics down - you know how to choose real, whole foods, how to read food labels, and how to combine carbohydrates, fats and protein for lasting energy - let’s talk about what to do if you’re feeling hungry while on P20. As you know, P20 is not a diet and we never want you feeling hungry or deprived. So we’ll chat about what to do if you’re feeling hungry and go over some healthy snack options if you want or need ‘em!

Week 3

Now that you’ve gotten clear about which foods and beverages will help you feel your best, you’re ready to dive into the rest of what makes up a healthy lifestyle — adequate sleep, stress management, daily movement, meaningful relationships, and more. Because ultimately, when we’re not sleeping, we’re stressed out, and we’re relying on food to give us joy and pleasure even our best efforts to eat healthy can be futile.

Beyond P20

We’ve got some helpful tips and specific next steps for you to take so you can continue to reap the benefits of your new healthy lifestyle and maintain the momentum you’ve gained over these last few weeks.

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"Christina is what I would call a warm, healthy, hug. She pulled me out of the depths of the online health forums and honestly, I haven’t looked back. Christina assured me my recent, pesky gut diagnoses were both normal AND fixable. Her calm, empathetic spirit, nutrition knowledge and tailored-to-me approach was just what I needed. It’s been a little over four months since we first connected, and I had no idea I could feel as good as I do today, and know my body more than ever."
– Samantha

“I feel like there’s finally a path I can take where everything is clear. I know what to eat that makes me feel my best. I have options to feed my family that they like (usually) and that I like to make. I feel truly healthy and aware of what I’m consuming for the first time ever. Thank you for the chance to hopefully and finally change the cycle of terrible eating lifestyles that have been a huge part of my family for many years. Thank you to the PN team for making this understandable, doable, and even easy!”
– Jana

“I’ve made similar changes before, but on my own, and without the guidance of trained professionals. It was so helpful that you all seem so authentic and real, never making me feel like a failure for not knowing or not following through every time. This community has made ALL the difference in helping me to focus my efforts and to begin progress towards prioritizing nutrition over the dreaded scale.”
– Christine

“This program has helped me realize that I dont need to starve, eat gross food, or change my lifestyle dramatically, its just choices I will continue to make to lead me to my best self. Isn’t that what we are ALL going for?! I don’t even look at the bread basket when I go out to eat anymore as I know its not going to make me feel good…..and this is coming from a girl who’s favorite food was toast. I love the “why” in the program because its very hard to know where to start if you don’t know “why” you are doing it. Finally the light bulb has gone on for me. This has forever changed the way I treat my ONE and ONLY body. Thank you.”
– Erin

“I have an attitude of gratitude for the prescribe 20 team. Today is 23 days for me without caffeine, refined sugar, gluten, dairy, and meat/fish. In the past, I have looked at detoxes and cleanses/fasts as a process of denying myself something for the greater good and have never completed one. Now, I can honestly say that I have a change in is my medicine cabinet. I am not “denying” myself anything of importance but rather giving myself time & space to adjust and acclimate to a more healthful way of eating.”
– Hayne

“I so appreciate your support and enthusiasm throughout this program. I am really satisfied to not only know my maca from my chia, but how to cook delicious food with all of my new staples. I highly doubt I could have made this type of change without your structure and enthusiasm. So far I’ve lost 6 lbs, and I am determined to lose more, but more than anything I am motivated to keep taking care of myself. I’m a Prescribe Nutrition fan for life. Tonight I am celebrating with a giant glass of red wine and toasting everyone here, but tomorrow, it’s back to the smoothie bowl.”
– Jenny

“Knowledge is power! This program changed my life! I will never eat the way I had in the past again. My brain is forever re programmed and I can now read my body so much better! Thank you so much PN:)!! The discussion boards have been amazing, I’ve loved trying new recipes, the workouts have been great, and the information in the materials is a resource I’ll refer to again and again. Hats off to all of the PN ladies. You’re the best, and I’m incredibly grateful for what you do.”
– Kristin

“Thank you for an awesome program. I thought my diet was already super healthy, but I learned a lot about how much sugar & wheat we were actually eating. That was the best part; always feeling that I was getting plenty to eat and truly nourishing my body. My husband and I both lost about 5 pounds each. Also, he has very high blood pressure and at the doctor today, his blood pressure was back in the almost normal range. Huge win!!”
– Lori

“The support and encouragement you are providing is amazing. Whenever I think I of a question or I am unsure of something I know I have somewhere to go. My relationship with food (which has never been great) is changing a little more everyday and I am forever grateful. My daughter will have a great role model now! THANK YOU."
– Lynora

“What makes this program so unique is that it’s not simply clean-eating, weight loss or exercise. It’s healing. We’ve all been to multiple doctors for random issues and yet we’re still searching for answers. All the guidance, experience and support is much appreciated."
– Maria

"My biggest accomplishment coming out of this is that I feel like I’ve finally conquered my sugar cravings! I still have them from time to time, but I feel like I can navigate them so much easier and choose from a variety of smarter choices. I also feel so much more confident knowing that when, inevitably, sugar has found its way back in my diet (that sugar really is a sneaky devil, isn’t it?) I have the tools to kick it to the curb again.”
– Marissa

“I have NEVER felt so convicted and excited to change my health habits. I felt that you ladies were a supportive, knowledgeable and honest friend that walked me through a seemingly impossible change in my life. I am so grateful for the passion for health that you shared with, and instilled in, me and my little family. You have TRULY changed my life, helping me to surpass my goal for myself. I appreciate all of your hard work and your openness/approachability that makes PN feel like a good girlfriend to me.”
– Sheila

“I have never lost this much weight (healthily) as I have on this program. I know it’s not all about the weight, but, I feel and look so much better- and my spouse thinks so too ? I went on my weekly shopping trip this afternoon as is my habit. I had a list. I had a menu. I knew what I wanted to prep this weekend for next week. I don’t want to go back to how I was before… This is good. I know that it will be tough at first on my own, but I feel pretty confident I can do it. THANK YOU PN TEAM!!!!”
– Wendi


I have food sensitivities or avoid certain food.

Our team works with you to make this program effective for you and your body. All of the recipes in our recipe packet are free of gluten, dairy and refined sugars. Avoiding other foods? You can adapt your or your family’s needs to all of our programs.

What if I'm vegan or vegetarian?

We have several vegetarian and vegan options that are clearly marked in our recipe database. Vegetarians and vegans have had great success in our programs.

What if I’m pregnant or breastfeeding?

Well first, congratulations! There is no better time to upgrade nutrition then the early stages of growth. Whole foods in your body ultimately work towards a healthy immune for your baby. Consuming a whole foods diet while nursing, specifically what we call our “PN Protocol,” can result in better sleep, moods and so much more. If you’re pregnant and/or breastfeeding and this type of eating is a big shift for you, we simply ask that you let us know on the discussion boards. We’ll work with you to navigate the right path for you, to help avoid detox symptoms and any changes with your milk supply while breastfeeding. The great news is that eating a Prescribe Nutrition approved diet is going to give you and your your baby constant nutrients – like whoa.

I’ll be traveling for part or all of the program.

We truly stand behind our motto ‘nutrition for real life’. While traveling can add an extra layer of complication in life, we’re here to support you through your trip. So many of our participants partake in Prescribe 20 or Prescribe Connection while they’re on the road. Life is busy! You can either a) dive into Prescribe Nutrition whole heartedly and do your best to adapt while on the road (ahem, real life), or b) simply choose your start date for after you return.

I am only cooking for myself? Or...I am cooking for my entire family?

You bet! Nearly all of our recipes are at least two servings but you can easily multiply or divide to get the desired amount of servings. We’re big fans of leftovers as well as foods the whole family can get on board with. Expect taste buds to be wowed!

I live in _____. Is that okay?

Our programs are done entirely online so you’re in luck! The Prescribe Nutrition team moderates the discussion board daily during PST hours so the only ‘time sensitive’ piece to the program is when our team is sleeping ? You can always catch up and/or post comments or questions when it works for your schedule. We’ll connect back with you when we’re online!

I want to lose weight.

While we don’t make the focus of our programs weight loss, many of our participants see that as an added bonus. Weight loss is tough territory and although we’d like to see results based on efforts that make sense and feel good, sometimes there’s a larger ball at play here. Related factors can involve hormones, medications, stress, exercise, and thyroid imbalances, it’s different for everyone. If you’re joining Prescribe 20, then three weeks is a great period of time to start to see some results, but in actuality it is short. Prescribe Nutrition is not a diet. It’s shifting the way you eat for the long haul, for long term results. Post Prescribe 20, we encourage you to keep on track, continuing the PN protocol…in a nutshell, stay committed. Sometimes our bodies (especially if you’ve chronically dieted) can ‘hold on’ a little longer because they know another change might be coming. Last but not least – stress. It’s a bear. Despite all our best efforts, if we are stressed our bodies physiological response will kick in and create a chemistry that we have little control over. And chronic dieting? That’s just another form of stress. We invite you to take a peek at where stress lives in your life that you can address that may help alleviate any extra load you might carry.

Am scared of detox symptoms?!

We hear you. Eliminating food if you’ve never done it before can sometimes feel like a shock to the body. Keep in mind this is not a juice cleanse, a fast or anything like that. You’ll be eating whole foods, and plenty of them! Our main message to you is that there is so much to consider when cleaning up your diet. Some individuals are removing all the big culprits, such as processed foods, caffeine, sugar, gluten and dairy for the first time. That’s a lot. Even just one or two can have profound effects on our bodies. All are very addictive in their own chemical make up and can present some decent withdrawal or detox symptoms; things like headaches, low energy, irritability, skin breakouts, and hunger. Others individuals might immediately be on cloud nine and feel like the veil has been lifted. They are singing and dancing all over the discussion boards and you’re feeling like ‘what the what ?!?’ Just like we are all unique individuals whose bodies operate in very different ways, this process is going to be unique to you. During Prescribe 20 expect to see great results, but sometimes certain days can feel tough. Remember those 20 days are just the beginning – we didn’t get to where we are overnight so it’s crucial to consider it a healing process. Great things are coming your way!

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