DIY Protein Powder

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  • 1 part flax seeds
  • 1 part chia seeds
  • 1 part hemp seeds
  • 1 part raw pumpkin seeds
  • Add equal parts of each ingredient to a large jar or container. Mix well and keep covered.
If you're looking for a vegan, non-processed, protein-rich boost for your smoothies, bowls, morning oats, etc., keep a jar of this DIY protein blend on hand. Make as much or as little as you like, just be sure to keep it sealed (if you make a large batch it’s ideal to keep it in the refrigerator).
For Smoothies: Use ¼ cup for each smoothie serving. If the smoothie recipe calls for one of these ingredients, such as chia seeds you can omit it from the smoothie recipe since you will adding in your own.