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Prescribe Nutrition is a big breath of fresh air, a deep sigh of relief, a welcomed space for all of you who find yourselves overwhelmed by nutrition noise.  Our love for food as medicine came after we navigated our own health issues from hormone imbalances and migraines to digestive issues and anxiety. Through experimenting, educating and mindful eating, we learned the importance of self-care and using food to help our body heal and hum which is the foundation for our programs, coaching and meal planning services.

We want to empower people to understand how they should eat for their body.

Our goal? To get people off diets for good.  We want you to eat based on what fuels your body AND feels joyful. At Prescribe Nutrition we meet you where you are right now.. By choosing whole foods and getting back in the kitchen, you can create sustainable change that will lead to a lifetime of feeling good, really good

Our hope? To inspire you to have fun in your kitchen and to reconnect with what feels good in your body. Our 200+ recipes, virtual nutrition programs, individualized health coaching and meal planning services are designed to help you find what triggers your symptoms, eliminate them and build a mindful relationship with food. 

Christina Sandok

Functional Nutrition Coach & Owner

Katie Jasper

Nutritionist & Co-founder

Megan Morris

Nutritionist & Co-founder

Lia Chiccehitto

Certified Nutritionist & Operations

Laura Meyer

Recipe Guru

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