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Prescribe Nutrition is a breath of fresh air, a deep sigh of relief, a welcoming space for all of you who find yourselves overwhelmed by nutrition noise. We’ve sifted through the science, removed black and white food rules, and compiled the most helpful information and tools to help you on your personal journey toward better health and optimal wellness. We’ve taken what we’ve learned over the years (both personally and professionally) and created programs that will help you discover the foods that work best for you

We believe in personalized nutrition and the healing power of food.

We believe food is medicine but we know that a healthy, healing diet for one is not the best way to eat for all. Your needs and preferences are unique to you and we’re here to help you discover the best foods for your body and activities that fit your lifestyle. 

Food is for fuel and for fun.

Our goal is to get people off diets for good. We want you to eat based on what fuels your body and feels joyful. Our motto is “food is for fuel and for fun” and you’ll see that over and over in our blog posts, programs, and coaching model. Our hope is that you’ll learn to love real food, have fun in your kitchen, and learn to tune into your body to find the foods and activities that will get you feeling your absolute best. 

Christina Sandok

Functional Nutrition Coach & Owner

Katie Jasper

Nutritionist & Co-founder

Megan Morris

Nutritionist & Co-founder

Lia Chiccehitto

Lead Nutritionist

Laura Meyer

Recipe Guru

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