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  • Hi, all. Has anyone else found those Alchemy workouts in the bonus material section? I just did the A20: High Intensity Training workout (it’s the third one in the list) and it was amazing. It definitely was a challenge, but I had a weight at home (they suggested using some household items if you don’t have one) and I used my kid’s bathroom stool for the low box runs (I would think that using any step in your house would work great, too). The coach was great – he was motivating and made the movements approachable – and I have to say that doing the workout combined with a few days of healthier and mindful eating has me feeling pretty great right now. Check out the workouts. I’m going to try another one this week. It looks like there are some yoga videos, too!

    Posted by: Julie

  • Hi Julie! Thanks for your feedback on the videos – we love Alchemy 365 as they have something for everything. Impressed that you powered through an A20 – that a great workout! It’s a rainy day here so I opted for the Alchemy Flow (yoga) this morning and it was JUST what I needed to start the day. Would love to hear what others think of the workouts!

    Posted by: icon Christina S - PN Nutritionist

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