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  • Hey, all. I just tried one of those Alchemy workouts that is at the bottom of the list on the Resources page. WOW! I did the second one (Core/Cardio) this morning and it was great. I dragged myself out of bed super early before the kids were up and reluctantly rolled out the yoga mat. The workout was challenging, but the one-minute increments for each movement were totally do-able and the whole thing went by so quickly. The warm up and cool down were great, too. In the end, I felt amazing and was totally energized to tackle day #2 of the program! I highly recommend these workouts and hope you guys find value in it, too!

    Posted by: Julie

  • So glad you’re enjoying the workouts! Thanks for sharing!

    Posted by: icon Lia C - PN Nutritionist

  • I love Core workouts. Gonna try this one tomorrow. Thanks, Julie!

    Posted by: Thyme Is Honey

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