• I actually live in the Dominican Republic and this is my second real time doing PN. (Time #2 I got Dengue, so I had to drop it.) I just got off a month of no alcohol, so this seemed like the next step. I am excited to have rules and guidelines and to cook more.


    Posted by: Catherine D

  • Hello, Catherine! Welcome back to P20 – we love our PN alumni and are thrilled that you are joining us for the next 20 days. So happy to hear that you have recovered from dengue fever and have already completed one month alcohol-free (what a great accomplishment). It sounds like your body is already on it’s way to reducing inflammation so we hope that added steps in our 20-day program will leave you feeling energized and the best version of YOU. Please let us know if you have ANY questions along the way! So glad to have you on board.

    – Christina, Team PN

    Posted by: icon Christina S - PN Nutritionist

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