• I’m Heidi from Minneapolis. I travel weekly for work all over the country and am trying to prioritize nutrition, which has been a tough challenge during team lunches and dinners. I’m excited to learn more to integrate into my lifestyle.

    Posted by: HCOSTELLO

  • Hi Heidi! You sound like a busy lady! I think you’ll learn a ton of great tips to integrate more healthy habits into your lifestyle but I have a few resources in mind for you that I think you’ll find particularly helpful. You can find these under Resources on your dashboard:
    – Savvy Snacking
    – Dining Out Guide
    – P20 Pyramid
    – Brands We Love

    Let me know if you find these helpful or if you have any other questions throughout the program. Excited to have you join us!

    Posted by: icon Lia C - PN Nutritionist

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