• Hi Everyone!

    I’m so excited about this P20! Having done the program before, my squad had some ‘requests’ when I was completing the meal plan 🙂
    It is such a unique time in our world right now…how great to be able to stay home and focus on health/family.
    Looking forward to sharing our Tips & Tricks with you, but am even more invigorated by the idea of learning from all of you too!

    Here are some of our fav’s:
    1. Blueberry Basil Zest Smoothie
    2. Chipotle Chicken Salad
    3. Mango Salmon & Cauliflower
    4. Fajita Stuffed Peppers (last night we added shredded chicken & some of the leftover dressing from the Chipotle Chicken salad – YUM!)
    5. Protein Power Bars, Protein Power Bars, Protein Power Bars!

    I would love to hear what your kiddos are having for lunch – breakfast and dinner seem to be strong at our house – lacking lunch interest.

    Good Luck,

    Posted by: Kelly W

  • Welcome back to P20, Kelly! Love that your crew was involved in your meal planning this time around. It’s so much easier to complete the program when your entire family is on board. 🙂 Thank you for sharing some of your favorite PN recipes with us – Your Mango & Salmon photo is so colorful!
    If you are looking for a few more kid/family-friendly ideas, here are a handful that are big hits in our house:
    1) Kale & Sweet Potato Rice Bowls (you can sub out the chickpeas for any protein)
    2) Go-to chicken with a big pan of roasted veggies
    3) Meyer Lemon Bars
    4) Salmon with arugula & pea pesto
    4) Honey Dijon Chicken one-pan sheet dinner
    Excited to hear what is working for the other P20ers! Cheers to getting through the first week 🙂

    Posted by: icon Christina S - PN Nutritionist

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