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  • This program really changed by life when I first did it @ 4 years ago. It was really the first time I connected with a nutrition program. I kept it up for about a year along with a great exercise routine, and saw some amazing results. And, then as work and life started to get busier – along with a big job change and cross-country move – I let things slip a bit. Same old story, it seems… I have since gone on spurts with this style of meal planning and low-carb/Keto-ish eating (trying to mostly focus on proteins, greens, and veggies, without TOO much of the crazy dairy that can go into Keto), which has worked for me too. But, I do feel like following this program is when I have felt the healthiest. So, was very happy to read about the re-launch of PN and excited to get back into this mindset along with the support of this community and the PN nutritionists.
    Also want a push to get back into an exercise routine. Meal planning and prepping on the weekends generally helps me get good control over my diet (as a single person with a dog, long commute, and busy job, weeknight cooking just doesn’t really happen, except with the simplest of recipes!). But it’s been harder getting back into a pattern with exercise; at the same time, I know that’s such a big component of a healthy lifestyle! So, anyways, looking forward to doing this program again!

    Posted by: Christine D

  • Hi Christine!
    I’m so happy to hear you felt so good while on P20 the last time – a program like this can truly be life changing! I also totally understand how overwhelming it can feel to want to eat healthy and exercise while working a full-time job (with a long commute). It’s great you’ve recognized that week-day cooking doesn’t work for you – we have some great overnight oats and slow cooker recipes that can easily be “batched” on the weekend for easy dinners and breakfasts during the week. For exercise, any little bit counts! Walks with your dog, taking the stairs… it adds up! We’ve added some great at-home exercise resources in your Helpful Resources handout, too. You may find them helpful! So glad to have you back. Let us know if you have any questions!

    Posted by: icon Lia C - PN Nutritionist

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