How are you feeling?!

  • Hello, P20 Friends! We’d LOVE to hear how you are all feeling! Any change in cravings, digestion, sleep, mood, skin, etc? Please do tell!

    Posted by: icon Christina S - PN Nutritionist

  • I’m feeling amazing. Better sleep, no bloating, more energy, clear-headed. AMAZING. Thank you, PN!

    Why don’t I eat like this all the time??

    I’ve done PN twice before and at the end of each program I’ve asked myself the same question. Does LIFE simply get in the way? Sustaining this sort of approach to wellness shouldn’t be so difficult, but with the passage of time, I tend to lose sight of these benefits. Plus, the PN food does take a lot more time in the kitchen, and I know I need to conscientiously make room for that time in the future.

    I’m really trying to stay positive here and to take each day as it comes, not worrying about what I’ll be doing/eating/drinking a month from now. Just one day at a time, I’ll try to make good choices.

    I was reading a book to my twins the other day called “What should Danny do?” It’s kind of a choose-your-own adventure book about this kid named Danny who wears a superhero cape that says PTC (power to choose) and you see the consequences of his choices (good choices, less-good choices) in different branches of the book. I think there’s truth in that that we can all get behind. Each day I have the PTC!

    Cheeeeeeesy, yes. But maybe wise?

    Posted by: Annie P

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