How Ya Feeling? And Go To Snack Ideas?

  • Hi P20ers! Would love to hear how you are feeling and if you’d be willing to share any go-to snack ideas for the group? In the past we’ve found this to be helpful for others. Let’s be honest…who doesn’t love to snack? 🙂 To get us started, here is what I love to reach for each day: hard boiled eggs, fresh fruit & a handful of nuts, Easy Banana Nut Energy Bars (NEW recipe), PN Chewy Bars and smoothies.

    Posted by: icon Christina S - PN Nutritionist

  • I’ve been keeping sliced cucumbers at the ready to dip into hummus. I also have been snacking on hardboiled eggs with Trader Joes Everything Bagel seasoning. And when I’m feeling reallllly lazy, I found freeze dried fruit and veggies at Target (they are Target’s brand, Good & Gather) that are just the fruit/veg itself with no sugar.

    Posted by: ashley l

  • The first week was TOUGH as I was really craving sweets. Last week was so much easier as I found that my go-to snack has been a medjool date or two with peanut butter in it. It really satisfies my sweet tooth and it kind of tastes like candy. Speaking of sweet treats, has anyone else noticed that fruit is tasting so much more decadent than it did before? I had a pear and nearly fell off my chair with how amazing it was.

    One other snack that has been helpful over here is having rice cake with some sort of nut butter or tahini on it. On top I sprinkle some everything bagel seasoning (shout out to Trader joe’s) and it’s been satisfying and sustaining.

    Posted by: Julie

  • I like a medjool date and pb or almond butter too! I’ve always enjoyed the Trader Joe’s Plantain Chips and they seem P20 friendly so I’ve kept them as a crunchy chip-like snack. I will also use the sweet potato muffins as an afternoon snack, warmed up with a little almond butter. I have noticed that I used to get so lethargic around 2:30 or 3p, but since P20 started, I don’t notice it as much. Maybe because my meals are more balanced with carb, protein, fat? Not sure, but I’m appreciating it! 🙂

    Posted by: Lucy

  • SO glad someone brought up the Trader Joes’s everything but bagel seasoning – it literally goes well with most snacks/foods! Also, dates and nut butter nearly taste like a candy bar if you close your eyes, right?! 😉 So good. And yes, plantain chips are definitely P20-friendly. You can even put them in a food processor and use as crunchy “breading” on chicken or fish sticks. Happy to hear that the afternoon slumps are few and far between now too! Cheers!

    Posted by: icon Christina S - PN Nutritionist

  • I was surprised that I haven’t really noticed a difference in terms of feeling lighter or more sleep, etc. I do feel less bloated and think *maybe* it helped my headaches. Mostly, I’ve enjoyed the challenge of knowing I can go a day without gluten or dairy. It was pretty rare that there wasn’t a day without gluten, dairy or alcohol for me. That’s going to be my biggest challenge once this is done but I’m grateful for the recipe resource bank so that I can keep coming back and forcing myself to utilize the recipes. (we do get continued access to the recipes, right?!)

    Posted by: lizzie B

  • Lizzie — you get access to the recipes for 1 week after the course ends. Make sure you save off any you want to reference later 🙂

    Posted by: Thyme Is Honey

  • Julie — YES to the fruit thing! I always tell people this with beverages, too. If you lay off the sugary drinks for a while you’ll suddenly realize that some water infused with strawberries and mint tastes amazing, sweet, and flavorful. We get so used to having foods that are extremely over-sweetened or over-seasoned and basically build up a tolerance to it. Read the book “Dorito Effect” if this interests you. It goes through the entire history of food “flavorings” and additives and how it shaped our cravings and impacted our brains. Super interesting!

    Posted by: Thyme Is Honey

  • Random snack suggestion…..but I’ve been making homemade popsicles to curb my evening sweets craving! I got some reusable molds at a local shop, and just blend strawberries, coconut water, honey, lime juice, and a little ginger together and then pour into the molds. They’re so good (and simple!) and I’m looking forward to experimenting with more flavor combos!

    Posted by: Thyme Is Honey

  • LOVE THE POPSICLE IDEA and the cucumber idea. I forget how easy cucumbers are. For me, the easier a snack is to prepare, the better.

    Posted by: Megmath88

  • Try the recipe I put in the Hydrating Meal Plan book for Sour Patch Apples! So good when you’re craving sour fruit snacks!

    Posted by: Thyme Is Honey

  • Lizzie – we also have a Meal Planning subscription so you can keep all of your favorite recipes and try the new recipes we add every month!

    Posted by: icon Lia C - PN Nutritionist

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