How’s everyone doing?!

  • I have been truly loving having the revamped materials and recipe inspo available to me while I’m abroad. As so many have already said, when it comes to travel, we really do need all the support/help we can get. I made a big effort to cook 1-2 meals a day knowing for sure I’d eat out 1, and to just “do my best.” The morning recipes in particular have been really inspiring to feed and feel “grounded” while abroad. And keeping me from going off the rails, which is so easy to do when on the road.

    How’s everyone else feeling?

    Posted by: icon mmorris

  • Here to echo you, Megan… I love the focus and support through the new materials in juggling all the things. I’m not abroad (I wish I was!) but I was traveling for 2 solid weeks and just arrive home on Saturday. I cannot tell you the amount of times I thought through the P20 lens and made choices based on my commitment to ME.
    Also, side note. – but I loved this notion so much, I wanted to share… my therapist said to me before I left “make sure to bring yourself with you while you’re gone”. WOW. How that translates: when we travel or even go out socially we can leave behind WHAT makes us feel our best due to a number of factors. I loved the thought of really auditing that “WHAT”… how I eat, sleep and exercise and while it might not be the same as when I’m home, I sure can do my very best to empower/advocate for myself when I’m out of my environment.
    Yay for new tools, mottos and ways to live our best life!

    Posted by: icon Katie J - PN Nutritionist

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