If you believe every food has its place in a healthy diet, why do we eliminate foods on P20? 

  • We designed our PN Programs to help you “clear the muddy waters.” For 20 days, we suggest eliminating the foods that are most likely to cause stomach upset, brain fog, fatigue, headaches, and energy crashes. Instead, we give you recipes and resources to fill your plate with whole foods that are filled with the nutrients your body needs to feel AMAZING. After the first 20 days, we’ll guide you through reintroducing foods until you feel comfortable with a new way of eating that works best for you. Our goal for you is that you feel empowered to choose the foods that best work for you and your lifestyle. Like we said earlier, we believe all foods have their place in a healthy lifestyle. Most foods are for fuel and nourishment but some foods are purely for fun and pleasure. And they’re all OK when chosen mindfully and enjoyed thoroughly!


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