Infused Butcher Muesli Jar: What are quiona flakes?!

  • We had a great question on our Infused Butcher Muesli Jar recipe this morning about one of the ingredients – quinoa flakes. Quinoa flakes are essentially just pressed quinoa. Each little quinoa seed is rolled flat to make a flake, just like an oat groat is rolled out to make a rolled oat. That means quinoa flakes have all the same great properties of quinoa: gluten-free, high in plant-based protein, and full of good fiber. Sign me up for that! They can be found at coops, speciality grocery stores and Whole Foods.

    The Infused Butcher Muesli Jar recipe is one of the PN team’s favorite – add in a cup of coffee and you’ve got a breakfast of champions (in our opinion). 🙂

    – Christina, Team PN

    Posted by: icon Christina S - PN Nutritionist

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