• Hi All!

    My name is Anna and I’ve got BIG love for PN and am really enjoying some of the new site upgrades! I am here not only because I love PN and enjoy quarterly clean-ups, but also because quarantine has totally eff’ed up my generally clean way of eating. Pretty much everything on the “nay” list has made its way back in some capacity, which would be totally fine by me if it was a week or two long…
    After nearly a decade of eating mostly the PN protocol, I can FEEL the difference the culprits have made: hard time falling asleep, tired and wired at weird hours, cookie monster cravings, and the list goes on. I’ve been in this place before (pre PN), so I feel like I can say that its not just the stress of the state of the world – though I know that plays in to some extent – its the sugar, caffeine and foods that I know I’m sensitive to.
    So here I am. Ready to go back to quality sleep, sustained energy, fewer mood swings and eating in a way that aligns with my needs. HAPPY to be here and ready to hit June feeling like myself again!

    Posted by: Anna D

  • Welcome back to P20, Anna! Your perspective is so on point – we’ve been feeling the same way over here. The quarantine has certainly turned our meal planning and eating habits upside down. The timing of this program could not be better! Since you’ve been through this program, you know firsthand how AMAZING you are going to feel in 20 days. The light at the end of the tunnel is what makes the sugar cravings seem more bearable. 😉 Thrilled to have you on board again, my dear!

    Posted by: icon Christina S - PN Nutritionist

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