Managing a change first for myself.

  • I’m going to eat breakfast daily when usually I skip food until after 1 every day. Any advice for me as I navigate making good choices in a reluctant family?

    Posted by: rsfolken

  • Hi Regina! First of all, huge congrats on making yourself a priority. It’s so hard to do as a busy Mom…but feels SO good when we make the time. As far as breakfast goes, if you aren’t typically hungry until early afternoon you could simply start by adding a smoothie for breakfast and see how that feels. Another option would be overnight oats or a chia parfait – both are simple to make the night prior and make busy mornings easy. You can also just grab it out of the fridge whenever is convenient for you. We’ve had a great response on the overnight oats from kids too – play with mix ins (fruit, honey, etc) that you know your kids already love so it makes a new food a little less intimidating. We have recipes for good old pancakes too (but using clean ingredients) – if you find something that is a winner with your family…make a 3-4 batches and throw the extras in the freezer…then pop them in the toaster in the morning – voila…easy peasy breakfast!
    As far as navigating healthy food choices in a reluctant family goes…I would try starting with one food (eg carrots) that you think would go over well and mix it with something new (eg broccoli) to see if they will give it a nibble/chance. It often takes kids a while to open up to new foods so be patient and see how it plays out. You could also try an ‘adventurous eaters’ contest in your house – you get points each time to simply try a bite of something new…winner gets to pick a family movie night/game/dinner out, etc. Hope this helps! Please let us know if you have ANY other questions!

    Posted by: icon Christina S - PN Nutritionist

  • Absolutely! This is a “one foot in front of the other” type of conversation. Making changes for yourself when others aren’t on the same page can feel overwhelming out of the gates but truly gets easier every day. I’d make a list of why YOU’RE doing this for you and what you hope to accomplish, how you want to feel, etc. That list is your north start… Let it be the place you head to when you feel the “heat” from others. It’s also such great practice for other situations in life that are met with resistance.
    Then, if breakfast is the big shift – make it simple to start. Prep overnight oats or hard boiled eggs so it doesn’t feel like such a “production” in the am. The gravity of a it all becomes a little lighter!
    Does that help a bit?

    Posted by: icon Katie J - PN Nutritionist

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