Meal Planning and Portion Control

  • You’ve made the meal planning very easy yet there’s something that’s blocking me from doing it. I’ve never done it before either and I just get bored about Tuesday and give up. Assuming that’s a me thing but maybe others out there do the same.

    The other thing that I seem to have an issue with now is portion control. The food is all yummy but I think I’m eating too much of it and not stopping when I’m probably full – like the brain to belly connection is glitchy. Any top tips for those of us who love our food!

    Posted by: Tracy

  • Hi Tracy!
    You’re definitely not alone – a lot of people have trouble sticking to a meal plan which is why it’s 100% optional. I like to use them more as a recipe collection to choose from for simple decision-making when it comes to breakfast/ lunch/ dinner ideas but not necessarily something to “follow.” A lot of times when there’s a specific meal plan to follow, it’s easy to feel discouraged when we fall “off track” and that’s definitely not the intention of this program. Use them however you want or not at all – do what’s best for you!

    As far as portions go…. the brain-to-belly connection takes time, love, and patience to develop. The old 20-minute trick is a good starting point. Serve yourself a serving size you think will satisfy you and if you think you may still be hungry, give yourself 20 minutes (enough time for your body to signal you’re full). Sometimes those 20 minutes can feel terribly long, so go for a short walk, sip on some peppermint tea, do a puzzle, or something else to take your mind off food for a bit and see if it’s truly hunger you’re feeling. If so, give yourself permission to eat more! It’s also important your food is satisfying – both filling and pleasing. Try eating a variety of textures, flavors, and cuisines for increased pleasure and satisfaction. Let me know if this helps!

    Posted by: icon Lia C - PN Nutritionist

  • Thanks !

    Posted by: Tracy

  • Hi Tracy,

    I actually meal plan for my family just because it’s easier with 2 little kids to know what I am going to make that night; however, my husband HATES that because he doesn’t always want what I have down for dinner that night. We came up with a compromise where we have the list of what we are going to eat for the week (so I can prep and have everything on hand) and we will figure out that day what we are actually going to eat. Not sure if that makes sense or not. It is really a list of meals for the week that we have on hand and ready to go. It’s just a different take on meal planning for those that are not really into meal planning and will still make it easier to stick to PN protocol.

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  • Yes – Great idea! We do something similar at our house. We come up with a list of dinner ideas for the week…have everything on hand and then decide that day what sounds appealing to make that night. It’s nice to have the flexibility! Hope this helps, Tracy!

    Posted by: icon Christina S - PN Nutritionist

  • That’s a good first step i think for me. Appreciate it!

    Posted by: Tracy

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