Popcorn as a healthy snack?

  • Would popcorn (that isn’t slathered in butter) be considered a healthy snack? Wegmans has a few different kinds in their organic line that are actually crazy good (I love the butter flavor, which is flavored with coconut oil and Himalayan salt), and I think they would fall into level 2 of the P20 Pyramid. Obviously I shouldn’t eat the entire bag–although let’s be honest, I totally could–but I’m hoping a serving here and there isn’t a bad snack? Thank you!

    Posted by: Steffi C

  • Hi Steffi!
    Great question – YES, we love popcorn as a healthy snack! Just remember to read the ingredients, which it sounds like you might already be doing. My favorite way to eat popcorn is to buy organic popping kernels and air pop them. This way is also cheaper over time. You can buy an inexpensive air popper on Amazon or I have a collapsible silicone bowl that I use in the microwave to air pop my popcorn (also available on Amazon). Then, I use my Misto oil sprayer to spray it with avocado oil or olive oil and add sea salt or Old Bay seasoning… mmmm!! Let us know which brand you find or if you end up popping your own!

    Posted by: icon Lia C - PN Nutritionist

  • Yay! I was wondering the exact same thing today!

    Posted by: Megmath88

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