program calendar? p20 recipes?

  • Hi! Just back from ski week and late to the partyl. Is there a program calendar like in past that I should follow for the 20 days? Also I noticed under the recipes there are recipes containing gluten and dairy which are not part of the program. Is there a way to filter the recipes for receipes that are 100% “P20” approved..its a little confusing to figure out which recipes are on program or not.

    Posted by: llarsen

  • Hi Laura!
    Welcome back from ski week! There is no program “calendar” per say but we’ll be focusing on different parts of a healthy lifestyle each week and will release new materials each Sunday. If you want a sneak peek at the weeks ahead, though, you can sort of get an idea of what we’ll be focusing on by checking out your Resources. For instance, this week (week 2) we’ll be discussing healthy snacks, what to do if you’re feeling hungry on the program, and P20-approved beverages.
    We appreciate your feedback on the recipes, too. Most recipes are gluten-free and/ or dairy-free but if you find one you’d like to try while on P20 post it to the discussion board or email us for some gluten-free and dairy-free ingredient alternatives. We’re happy to offer suggestions for swaps! We’ll also look further into adding a filter for P20-approved recipes. We’re constantly working to add new helpful features so this feedback is greatly appreciated!

    Posted by: icon Lia C - PN Nutritionist

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