Sparkling tea for the win!

  • Last night I saw P20 come together for me. I met a friend out at a brewery for happy hour. Beer and fried foods were all around. After a couple weeks of mindful eating, I was able to navigate this without issue (and I still feel great this morning). I just passed on all of the food (even though I saw a veggie and hummus plate on the menu) and ordered a sparkling tea instead of a beer. In all honesty, the tea looked a lot like beer and was served in a pint glass, so it kind of felt like a beer. When I got home form the happy hour, I didn’t feel sluggish or gross, and I could jump right into family activities.

    There is no way I would have made these better decisions at a freakin’ brewery before the mindfulness I got through this P20.

    Anyone else out there notching some big wins here in the final stretch?

    Posted by: Craig S

  • Way to go Craig! My husband & I had a big win this weekend by going winter camping and staying on the plan. No beer around the campfire and no junk food is the exact opposite of most camping trips. By planning ahead (and using the grill a lot!) we came home feeling great but still smelling like campfire :-).

    Posted by: Kelsey T

  • Way to go, Craig! Breweries and happy hours can be tough but a lot of places offer kombucha on tap, sparkling water, and other “fun” beverages to help you stay on plan when you’re foregoing alcohol. I’m glad you liked your sparkling tea and felt so good after!

    Kelsey, that’s amazing! Do you care to share what you all ate while camping? I’m sure it would be super helpful heading into summer for some other folks!

    Thanks for sharing, guys!! We LOVE hearing about your wins during the program 🙂

    Posted by: icon Lia C - PN Nutritionist

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