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  • The first week headaches and cravings are nearly gone. No doubt, that first week was tough, but now I think things are getting so much better (and easier). I miss fewer foods now than I did last week, and I’m just as happy with a date and some nut butter for dessert than I would be with a piece of dark chocolate. Weird.

    But I wanted to share some thoughts on alcohol. The post-getting-the-kid-to-bed cocktail was something that I really missed in the first week. It turns out that the booze was less important than the ritual of making the drink and sitting down with my wife to debrief abut the day. The past few days I have been putting some seltzer in a lowball and muddling some fruit in the bottom of the glass (as if it were an old fashioned) and it’s just as satisfying as a real drink. It feels fancier than drinking the water out of the can, and the time it takes to put the drink together seems to scratch the itch I have for a cocktail.

    Anyone else finding a way to be happy with the mocktail? Kombucha? Sparkling teas?

    Posted by: Craig S

  • You’re exactly right that it’s almost more the ritual (including making the cocktail) than the actual alcohol. I too find myself drinking sparkling water in a fun glass with a lime or lemon to make it seem “fancier”. Although I’m missing the red wine and there isn’t really a great substitute for that! With the recent attention on mocktails in restaurants, it at least is making it easier to find a fun drink when out to feel part of the “crowd”.

    Posted by: Kelsey T

  • Craig – I’m with you re: nightcap, but great ideas – thanks for sharing!! Sometimes I’m on the other end of the spectrum and like a hot cup of tea (decaff/herbal of course) before bed too, especially during winter months. Getting the kettle going and picking out which mug/tea. Although I’m with Kelsey if someone can find a sub for red wine – I’m in! 🙂

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  • Hi Craig! I’m actually traveling a bit right now and in South Africa. They love something called a Rock Shandy here, which is essentially soda water, a bit of lemonade and orange bitters. I’ve been LOVING making it on my own with just fresh lemon juice instead of lemonade, and orange bitters, it also settles the uneasy stomach. It really feels so much more of an afternoon refreshment than just water or bubbly water.

    Posted by: icon mmorris

  • For my red wine drinkers… it’s definitely not the same but I’ve substituted with 100% cranberry juice before and poured into a wine glass and it’s done the trick! Its tartness sort of mimics red wine’s tannins and since it’s red and in a wine glass it helps me think I’m drinking wine. The things we do….

    Posted by: icon Lia C - PN Nutritionist

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