Three Questions

  • 1. When I try to filter recipes, nothing changes. For example, I tried to filter to slow cooker and the list includes salads and bars. Can you help?
    2. The Sunday am Week 1 video appears to not yet be live . . .
    3. I am having trouble with quantities for recipes . . . while I have successfully changed quantity for grocery shopping the recipe itself doesn’t change . . . even though I select the new quantity before I save it. Can you help?

    Posted by: Cheryl M

  • Hi Cheryl,
    Sorry to hear you are having issues. Any tech issues can be sent to us directly at: and we will try to help you navigate them. As far as the recipe filters go, they are working fine on our end but we will look into it further to see why this may be happening for you. Week one video is LIVE when the programs starts which is tomorrow (not today). You are able to view the WELCOME materials today in preparation for the start of the program. We are looking into the quantities for recipes issue and will report back today. Stay tuned!
    Thanks for your patience! Looking forward to getting started!

    Posted by: icon Christina S - PN Nutritionist

  • All is working fine on my end. Excited to get started.

    Posted by: Julie

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