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  • Hi! My name is Adriana, this is my first time doing P20, I’m excited to be joining the group. I have been struggling to find something I can stick to and that is sustainable. Lately my eating and drinking habits have been the worst! If you have any tips for first timers on how to best use the site and anything that has helped you be successful please let me know.


    Posted by: Adriana O

  • Welcome to P20, Adriana! So thrilled to have you on board. Thanks for introducing yourself. Here are a few tips that will help you utilize the program best…
    1) This is an online course so the P20 portal has everything you need! Daily texts and 3x/week emails help provide inspiration as well as keep you on track but we recommend bookmarking the portal for easy access during the next 20-days.
    2) Make sure to read through all the materials within each section as you go (Welcome, Week 1, Week 2, Week 3 & Moving Forward).
    3) Utilize the Meal Planning tool along with the recipes – if you aren’t ready to build your own meal plan…feel free to use the Sample Meal or Kid-Friendly Meal Plans as starters. Videos on how to use the meal planning tool are located in resources as well. If you need any recipe suggestions, please let us know!
    4) Jump on the discussion board ANY time you have a question or need support. The PN team along with the other P20ers are here for you!
    5) Have patience with yourself this first week – you may experience sugar withdrawal headaches, heightened emotions and overall resistance to all of the new habit changes. Just take it day-by-day and we promise that with time, you will start to feel great! You’ve got this!! xx

    Posted by: icon Christina S - PN Nutritionist

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