Week One check-in

  • Good morning everyone!

    I must say, this week has worked wonderfully. I’ve stuck pretty rigidly to the recipes, although I took some liberties with the snacks (Mary’s gone crackers + hummus, pistachios, grapefruit, hard boiled eggs, frozen cherries). I spent some time on Sunday and Wednesday cooking ahead and it made packing for work + board meetings + one travel day a breeze. A banana bread loaf I made on Sunday saved me on a couple of rushed mornings. I think the trick for me is to devote myself to a Sunday meal plan + cooking for a few hours, plus a fridge revisit halfway through the week.

    For the coming week: I bought glass containers with two compartments to store meals, and anticipate even more convenience. I plan to make more banana bread and chia pudding than I did last week, since both were hits with the kiddos. I will be incorporating two meals into the family dinner plan (I’ve just been cooking P20 for myself thus far). We’ll see how it goes!

    Thank you to everyone at PN for doing the work for all of us! The tools you created sure make it easy to stay on track!

    Posted by: Lauren A

  • Yay, Lauren! So happy to hear that this week went smoothly for you. It sounds like you bit a great job looking at your calendar and planning ahead which is KEY to staying on track. 🙂 Taking liberties with the snacks you mentioned are always welcomed – I LOVE my snacks too. Happy to hear that the kiddos enjoyed the banana bread and chia pudding – both don’t last long in our house. Have you tried the Strawberry Breakfast Cookies yet? Or any of the overnight oat recipes? Both additional great option for busy mornings/snacks and typically are well-received by kids. Which meals are you trying with your family? Please share! We love hearing how participants start incorporating P20 at home with the family. 🙂 Keep up the awesome work! xx

    Posted by: icon Christina S - PN Nutritionist

  • Thanks Christina! We’re having the Coconut Chicken Street Tacos and Balsamic Braised Crockpot Short Ribs. And the cookies will be a must for this week – saw them on Facebook and can’t wait to try them! Sounds like a fun Sunday afternoon recipe to make with the boys’ “help.” 🙂

    Posted by: Lauren A

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