“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” - Hippocrates

Prescribe Nutrition was a serendipitous collaboration between us, Katie Jasper and Megan Morris, two nutritionists who each had their own journey to better health. We know first hand what the diet roller coaster, chronic health problems, and the confusing world of nutrition can look like. Our advice? Get off the roller coaster. Give your body a break. Clear out the clutter and let whole foods do their magic.

The one principle we always abide by: meeting people where they're at. It’s the key for sustainable change, because hey, we can’t all be on a juice cleanse forever. We like to eat, in fact we like it a whole lot, but know that some foods heal while others can wreak havoc.

Prescribe Nutrition asks ‘why’ quite a bit; we dig deep to uncover the root of frustrating health problems. Symptoms are often simply a SOS from your body telling you something is out of balance. Prescribe Nutrition’s ultimate goal? Teach you to listen to your body and uncover what works for you. What works for one person does not necessarily work for another. Explains that annoying coworker who can eat a loaf of bread with no consequences, doesn’t it?

We founded Prescribe Nutrition because we wish we knew long ago what we know now. It’s for everyone out there who is ready to make peace with food and their bod. Life is not a diet, so let’s live.

The Team

  • Katie

    Katie is a functional nutritionist, co-founder of Prescribe Nutrition.  Katie practices an integrative and individualized approach to health and wellness with her clients.  Katie holds a Masters degree in Holistic Health Studies with an emphasis in nutrition.  She attended the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, Integrative Medicine for Mental Health, Advanced Hormone Training (Labrix), Holistic Nutrition Labs, Hashimotos Institute and vows to never stop learning!

    Katie specializes in optimal hormone and brain health and is passionate about how nutrition can ultimately support the body on all levels.

    She loves everything from a great green smoothie to an episode of Homeland. Katie would travel all the time if she could and, of course, loves when the hormone symphony is top tune.

  • Megan

    Megan is a functional nutritionist, co-founder of Prescribe Nutrition and founder of The Root of Health, an online digestive health resource. She got into nutrition because of her own health challenges (and minor obsession) around digestive health. Megan graduated from Bauman College, she’s certified in Advanced Hormone Training (Labrix), Holistic Nutrition Labs, and holds a Nutrition Consultant certification in clinical nutrition. She studied cultural anthropology during her undergraduate, because hey, why not. Megan is also our head recipe builder! This lady loves food.

    Megan’s ultimate goal is to help people listen to what their bodies are telling them and guide them on the most streamlined approach for sustainable health. Simultaneously she wants people to be able to live their lives to the fullest while on their health journey [ie, all things in moderation].

    She loves a good laugh, dogs, foggy beaches, Weekend at Bernies, chia seeds, chocolate, traveling, hotel robes and a well operating digestive system.

  • Tanya

    Tanya is the VP of content for Prescribe Nutrition and loves being a part of what PN is up to! She believes food plays a major role when it comes to wellness, but she also puts emphasis on self love and mindfulness. Even though your nutrition may be in tip top shape, if you and your body aren't working on the same team, changes might be hard to come by. She supports people in living their ideal lives by helping them realize their worth and potential.
    She received a degree in Nutrition from the University of Minnesota and went on to attend the Institute for Integrative Nutrition to deepen her knowledge of holistic health and wellness.
    You can find Tanya climbing (ok just hiking) mountains, dreaming of backyard dinner parties, and connecting with family and friends in her spare time. 
  • Anna

    Nutrition went from being nearly off Anna’s radar, to one of her passionate pursuits almost overnight. Most people have a great reason for paramount changes in their lives, and Anna’s was motherhood. It started with a premature baby who showed early signs of food allergies, and the rest is history.

    Her desire to raise healthy children (she had another baby less than a year later), quickly expanded to raising a healthy family, and she has never felt better or looked back. Anna acts as Prescribe Nutrition’s resident mom; there is no one wiser when it comes to practical tips for getting nutrient dense foods on the dinner table.

    When Anna isn’t toting her girls around town, she is practicing yoga at The Barn or dreaming up future business plans, as she is a closet entrepreneurial daydreamer.