We’re huge geeks when it comes to morning rituals. So we’ve started a new blog feature in which we interview inspiring wellness gurus (think nutritionists, exercise specialists, healers, doctors, and more!) to learn more about the magic behind their mornings. We know a solid morning routine is a game-changer for both health and productivity so we’re dying to know how others choose to start their days for the best results!

So, without further ado, let’s introduce our next guest!

Meet Laura Meyer. She’s truly your modern Renaissance woman – personal trainer (if you’ve done P20 recently, you’ve probably seen her in a workout video or two!), recipe developer, and food photographer. She’s one of the talented recipe developers for Prescribe Nutrition. You can thank her for many of our drool-worthy recipes, including our favorite Banana Bread French Toast.

Now let’s dive right in!

What time do you wake up?

I used to wake up in the 4’s 5 days a week for years on end. I think this older version of myself is catching up on quality sleep, so I like to let me body rest until at least 6, 7 if I’m lucky 🙂 

How often do you hit snooze (if ever)?

Every. Single. Day. Anyone else set an alarm for way earlier than they actually intend to wake up? It’s like a tiny gift letting yourself sleep for a few minutes longer.

What is your go-to breakfast?

Avocado toast, smoothies with banana, spinach, and almond butter, and protein waffles are my go-to’s.

What is your go-to morning bevvy?

Black coffee and black coffee only. 

What’s your dream breakfast in bed?

Maybe because it’s fall, but all I can think about is a massive pumpkin cinnamon roll with cream cheese maple frosting. Should we make this happen?!

Your favorite place for weekend brunch?

Birchwood Cafe has incredible sweet and savory options, and I love The Lynhall in every season. But honestly, I like going to the grocery store really early and making a decadent brunch at home. I went to Spain last year and have adopted some of their traditions on super decadent occasions: jamon, pastries, coffee, and cava (!!!). 

Any other morning rituals?

When I wake up, I like to give myself at least an hour before I “need” to do anything. I keep the lights dim, crawl back into bed with my first cup of coffee, and sip and let my thoughts wander. After that I’ll read or do a little work, but I try to stay away from my phone first thing. I got really into walking and podcasting during quarantine, so I try to create time for that, too. 

Thank you, Laura!!


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