It’s a topic that’s always on our mind here at PN but with recent events, we’ve been thinking even more about how to make healthy choices that also contribute to a better world. We want to make the best decisions for our bodies and our planet. And we want to help you do the same! We think now is a better time than ever to start making choices and incorporating new habits that support both nutrition and sustainability.

Whether you’re feeling gung-ho about starting your own indoor or outdoor garden or are just wanting to dip your toes in, we’ve got plenty of tips and resources to choosing healthy, local foods, that that are good for you and the environment. This summer, try one (or all!) of the simple tips below to become a more environmentally conscious shopper!

1| Check Out Your Local Farmers’ Market! 

Shopping at your neighborhood farmers’ market helps support local farmers and allows you to get fresh food directly from the source. Plus, because farmers’ markets are local, the food you buy has traveled a shorter distance than food in grocery stores which is a sustainability WIN! Click here to find a farmer’s market near you! 

2| Participate in a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Program 

CSA programs connect you with local farmers who provide you with a box of fresh fruit, veggies, and/ or other farm-fresh goods either weekly or bi-weekly. The boxes are typically delivered straight to your door or available to be picked up at a local farmers’ market or another central location. 

CSA’s make healthy eating fun and are great if you crave variety. The produce changes seasonally and sometimes even week to week so you have plenty of opportunities to try new foods and recipes! Search “CSA near me” to get a list of potential CSA programs. 

3| Shop at a Food Co-op 

Co-ops are owned by members of the community and are a great place to shop sustainably. They source food from local farmers and share a mission of giving back to the community. Anyone can shop at a co-op but membership comes with some perks like special discounts and coupons (and who doesn’t love coupons?!). Here is how you can find a co-op near you. 

Happy shopping! 


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