Need to Satisfy My Sweet Tooth – Help!

  • I have a major sweet tooth so I wanted to share my nutritionist-approved snacks and desserts for satisfying your sweet tooth while you’re on P20!

    – Trader Joe’s makes a 100% dark chocolate bar. It’s not for the faint of heart but it’s a savior if you’re a dark chocolate fan and can handle the intensity. I love dipping in almond butter 🙂
    – Dates stuffed with peanut butter
    – Smart Sweets Swedish fish
    – N’ice cream
    – Frozen grapes
    – Hot chocolate made with Primal Kitchen Collagen Fuel in Chocolate Coconut and hot water
    – Chocolate Hazelnut Fat Balls

    Posted by: icon Lia C - PN Nutritionist
  • I made a batch of the Cookie Dough Balls and that has really helped the sweet tooth. Yum!

    Posted by: Ann B
  • I found a great PN “sweet treat” mix at Costco that is simple to use and that I enjoyed this week.

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    Posted by: Kelsey T
  • These are such great ideas!! Thanks for sharing! Kelsey, what did you think of the energy bites? What did you end up mixing yours with?

    Posted by: icon Lia C - PN Nutritionist
  • I’m going to try the dates stuffed with peanut butter tonight!

    Posted by: Marisa
  • Let us know what you think, Marisa! My 6-yr-old daughter and husband love them too. Such an easy solution to satisfy a sweet craving!

    Posted by: icon Christina S - PN Nutritionist
  • I thought the energy bite mix was great! I wen with almond butter and maple syrup for my mix-ins.

    Posted by: Kelsey T
  • Kelsey! Such great swap options…thank you for sharing!

    Posted by: icon Christina S - PN Nutritionist
  • Kelsey – I tried peanut butter and water with mine. They were definitely sweet enough but I think I’m going to try your almond butter mix-in next time 🙂

    Posted by: icon Lia C - PN Nutritionist
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