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Healthy Turkey Meatballs

These are great thrown in a ziplock bag when you're on the run and want a protein thats easy to... Keep reading


Hi Everybody!!! Please add your thoughts below...!!! Although I haven't been on the boards much, I'm DEFINITELY ON BOARD!!! This... Keep reading

Hey, gang - anyone up for a Turkey Trot?

I live in the Twin Cities, and every year I have meant to register for our Turkey Trot, which is... Keep reading

Ready, Steady, Go!

Well, true confession coming your way... Around Thanksgiving last year, I was in a place where there was so much... Keep reading

Seasonal Challenge + Energy Potion

Hi gang! You might have seen that we're starting a challenge on November 1. Don't worry, it is not super... Keep reading

so ashamed to admit my waking thought but bet I'm not alone

First thing, I check my darn phone in this order - sleep app to see how my night's rest was,... Keep reading

Isn't it nice to finally feel ______?

Fill-in-the-blank for you! For me: Isn't it nice to finally feel HAPPY!!!! Thanks PN team, from the bottom of my... Keep reading

it's game time

We thought it would be fun to have a theme of "20 questions" for April on our blog and social... Keep reading

Caffeine challenge anyone?

Okay lovelies...I'm addicted to caffeine (I heart my Nespresso and of course have convinced myself that caffeine option tastes better).... Keep reading

digestion issues

Hello! I'm excited to be on board again... this is my 4th Prescribe 20!In the past sessions... I entered each... Keep reading

Morning Routines

I'd love to hear about morning routines. I just changed mine a bit. I am getting up at 4:30 to... Keep reading

Major Skin Freakout - No Bueno

I noticed a statement in the materials about the possibility of a skin eruption, but man, this is on a... Keep reading

I want cookies.

And, like, a pound of chocolate. That is all. :) Keep reading

Hello from MN

Hi everyone! My name is Michelle and I'm from St. Paul. I have two little boys - 3 and 3... Keep reading

GIVEAWAY + time for some love!

Hi hi to my favorite community! Michelle started a thread yesterday that quickly filled up with love and support -... Keep reading

Favourite PN breakfasts?

I tend to find breakfast the hardest meal of the day to get right as there is not enough time.... Keep reading