We’re huge geeks when it comes to morning rituals. So we’re starting a new blog feature in which we interview inspiring wellness gurus (think nutritionists, exercise specialists, healers, doctors, and more!) and learn more about the magic behind their mornings. We know a solid morning routine is a game-changer for both health and productivity so we’re dying to know how others choose to start their days for the best results!

So, without further ado, let’s introduce our first guest!

Meet Stephanie A. Meyer – recipe developer, health coach, and cookbook author. Stephanie writes the health food blog Fresh Tart, is the author and photographer of Twin Cities’ Chef’s Table cookbook, and owner of Project Vibrancy Meals. Here’s what we learned…

What time do you wake up?

I wake up between 5-6 am. I never used to be such a morning person but I’ve discovered that I write so much better in the morning than in the afternoon. I’ve kind of pushed myself to be an early riser.

How often do you hit snooze (if ever)?

I have concluded that hitting snooze makes me feel more tired, so I avoid it. 

What is your go-to breakfast?

I tend to not eat until around 10 am and let myself just naturally intermittent fast. I think of my 10 am meal as sort of a snack, since I do eat lunch a few hours later. So I’ll either have a low-sugar smoothie or an egg with some avocado and berries.

What is your go-to morning bevvy?

Decaf coffee with cinnamon. I love coffee but caffeine causes me a lot of inflammation, so I don’t mess with it. I also have so much more energy when I don’t use caffeine. I move on to decaf tea later in the morning.

What’s your dream breakfast in bed?

(Gluten-free) crepes with butter, maple syrup, and warm berries, a few strips of bacon, and decaf coffee. Heaven!

Your favorite place for weekend brunch?

The Kenwood is a such a terrific spot for brunch. I also love Hai Hai.

Any other morning rituals?

I have this weird little portable sauna that I keep in my home office. I use it upon rising 3-4 times/ week. I meditate or listen to a podcast while I sweat away. 

. . .

P.S. Stephanie has a brand new cookbook that just launched! The 30-Minute Paleo Cookbook makes it easy to eat fresh and flavorful whole foods at every meal. Her Almond Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies, Blueberry Mug Cake and Loaded Turkey Nachos are sure to make your mouth water. Plus, we love that all of the recipes can be made in 30 minutes or less! Boom.


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