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Hi Lisa! You’re definitely setting yourself up by planning ahead – love it! Here are some suggestions…
1. To keep lunches gluten-free, try making “bowls” or salads instead of sandwiches or switch to a grain-free tortilla like a cassava or coconut tortilla to make a wrap! Siete brand makes great ones but you can sometimes find cheaper options at the store, too.
2. As you plan meals, keep the P20 Plate and P20 pyramid in mind (you can find these under Resources). We also have a Savvy Snacking handout (under week two) you can peek ahead and use for ideas!
3. If you like crackers and pita chips, try some whole-food, gluten-free crackers like Simple Mills or Mary’s Gone Crackers and dip in hummus or other yummy P20-approved dips 🙂
4. For a warm, chocolatey ski-trip drink, I love mixing Primal Kitchen’s Collagen Fuel in Chocolate Coconut with hot water and drinking it like hot chocolate!
5. For protein on the go, hard-boiled eggs, jerky (Chomps is a good brand – they use grass-fed beef and have no added sugar), almonds, or nut butters are all good options.

Hopefully this helps!

Posted by: icon Lia C - PN Nutritionist