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Hi Lauren!
Happy to help clarify 🙂

Each meal plan lets your generate a shopping list. Once you generate one, you will need to click the “regenerate shopping list” button. Once you click this, you can choose which recipes to include in your shopping list. If you want to make a recipe for Monday and eat the leftovers on Tuesday you can now keep your meal plan the same but remove the recipe from your Tuesday shopping list.

Here’s a short how to video: https://vimeo.com/460283463
First I create a new meal plan, then add a recipe to Tuesday breakfast. Next, I click the “Shopping List” button where it appears I already had a shopping list generated so to update, I click “Regenerate Shopping List”. Then I deselect all and select only Monday’s recipes and include the dinner recipe that was previously excluded in the last meal plan.

Let us know if this makes sense or if you are having any issues!

Posted by: icon Rebecca P