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Hi Melissa!
Lia nailed it…but I am happy to chime in with some additional snack ideas. I am currently consuming larger portions than my husband at each meal…AND still feeling the need to snack between meals. The lactation cookie recipe is delicious and I am just in the final stages of fine tuning a NEW lactation muffin recipe that I plan to share in the next week so stay tuned (so yummy the entire family eats them). Snack ideas: I keep a bowl of nuts on a little table next to the rocking chair to munch on while nursing. Fruit with nuts or nut butter, hard boiled eggs and hummus with veggies are also easy peasy and satiating. And of course…LOTS (I mean, LOTS) of water. Aim to drink 8-10oz after each feeling in addition to sipping throughout the day. It’s incredible to think that our bodies can feed a little tiny human! Keep up the good work!

Posted by: icon Christina S - PN Nutritionist