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Hi Sarah!
It’s so funny you ask – I just listened to a super interesting podcast interviewing Alisa Vitti (creator of the Flo app) on how to sync our nutrition, exercise, and daily tasks with our cycles. Her approach is a little rigid and extreme but interesting nonetheless! Here’s a link to her website if you want to learn more: https://www.floliving.com/. I’d personally start with seed cycling – there’s a lot more support behind this method and it’s relatively simple to implement! Here’s a great article on MBG written by Dr. Jolene Brighten, an expert in this space: https://www.mindbodygreen.com/articles/seed-cycling-benefits-and-how-it-works. Otherwise, just use the tools you’ve learned in P20 and listen to your body – our nutritional needs, energy levels, caloric expenditure, mood, and cravings are different during each stage of our cycles so experiment and find what works best for you 🙂

Posted by: icon Lia C - PN Nutritionist