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Hello! My name is Melissa and I’m from Vancouver, BC, Canada. I have always struggled with ‘intuitive eating’ and understanding of balancing meals. This has led to a lot of diets, counting calories and weight fluctuations over the years. I am also a Mom of two ( a two year old and a two month old) and am currently breastfeeding. Due to COVID, I’m home with our two boys and don’t have much childcare help at the moment. SO, I’m looking for some easy, healthy tips to get myself and the family on a healthier eating schedule as well education on the basics of healthy food balance and eating to nourish my body during breastfeeding (and beyond) but also be able to teach my kids how to do so for themselves from the beginning! Thanks to Dani for suggesting this course and looking forward to learning together 🙂

Posted by: MelissaF