Sweet treats!

  • What have y’all made for sweet treats that’s been great? I made the feather light chocolate mousse tonight which was AMAZING. Definitely a keeper.

    I made a batch of the strawberry cookies last week and they were good but I don’t think I had the proportions of wet to dry ingredients correct. They had nothing to bind them together and they just fell apart.

    We are a MAJOR dessert family so this is a priority over here. 🙂

    Posted by: Annie P

  • Hi Annie!
    This is my favorite question to answer – I have such a sweet tooth! Here are some of our favorites:
    Chocolate Hazelnut Fat Balls: https://prescribe-nutrition.com/recipes/chocolate-hazelnut-fat-balls/
    Berry Cream Bars: https://prescribe-nutrition.com/recipes/berry-cream-bars/
    Collagen Powered Banana N’ice Cream: https://prescribe-nutrition.com/recipes/collagen-powered-banana-nice-cream/
    Double Chocolate Tahini Cookies: https://prescribe-nutrition.com/recipes/double-chocolate-tahini-cookies/
    Chickpea Collagen Cookie Dough Bites: https://prescribe-nutrition.com/recipes/chickpea-collagen-cookie-dough-bites/

    Can’t wait to hear your favorites!!

    Posted by: icon Lia C - PN Nutritionist

  • Love these suggestions. I *really* want to make the Double Chocolate Tahini Cookies, but I think my kids might prefer the Berry Cream Bars (and I would like more “help” eating ;), so I might try the bars first and save the cookies for later.
    I am going to make the Strawberry Breakfast Cookies for sure in the next couple days as well.
    I will report back!

    Posted by: Elizabeth H

  • Thank you, Lia! And yes, ELIZABH729–please let me know if your strawberry cookies turn out well and if you have any tips for me!

    Posted by: Annie P

  • Can’t wait to hear how your family loves the strawberry breakfast cookies! They’re definitely a hit. Can’t wait how to hear how the bars turn out, too! Keep us posted!

    Posted by: icon Lia C - PN Nutritionist

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